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qifen326 / Leden / qifen326



887 keer bezocht sinds 11 Augustus 2015, 04:56
Naam Qifen326 Qifen326
Geboortedatum 4-8-1906
Leeftijd 112
Woonplaats qifen326, Bolivia

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'This lovely bird is '

Geplaatst 11 Augustus 2015, 05:02
Trefwoorden: This lovely bird is

This lovely bird is the smallest icterid blackbird in North America, measuring only 6.3 inches long. It's a very attractive species; its breeding range is from eastern coast of Mexico to the forests of Baja California Sur and Sinaloa. They enjoy shaded trees that grow near lakes and streams. Orchard Oriole males have chestnutcolored chests and rumps, with black plumage on their heads and wingtips. Sporting pointed bills and white wing bars, the females and juveniles are mainly olivegreen and yellow. During breeding season, the Orchard Orioles feed on insects and spiders; at other times, they prefer fruit, nectar, and seeds as well. The mating dances of these orioles are fairly unique, and they are Rashad Jennings Giants Jersey a favorite bird of birdwatchers; the displays include seesawing motions, 'begging', and bowing.

Think that falcons and eagles are only seen in the cooler parts of North America? Think again. An excellent example of the many tropical falcon species is the Barred Forest Falcon; it inhabits the upland forests from Central America Josh Brown Giants Jersey all the way down into Brazil. This bird of prey is dark slate gray as an adult, with white tail tips and pale gray throats. Small birds, rodents, marsupials, and squamates are the main prey of the Barred Forest Falcon. They will lure birds by imitating their calls and will also chase them on foot, but generally they usually wait for their prey to wander into range. The Barred Falcon does not build a nest; it lays eggs in tree cavities, and will often occupy the same territory for many years. Furthermore, mating pairs will often stay together almost entirely exclusively, though the Barred Forest Falcon is not as strictly monogamous as other bird species.

What does 'Flammulated' mean? Derived from the Latin flammula, meaning 'little flame', it Quintin Demps Giants Jersey refers to the cinnamonreddish markings on this little bird's wings (although the name may seem nonsensical). The Flammulated Flycatcher is endemic to the Pacific woodlands and thorn forests of Mexico, where it normally skulks beneath the underbrush looking for insects. This little bird is about 6 inches long, with graybrown or olive plumage on its upper parts and pale gray chests. Edged with red, the wings are a familiar brown. One of the few endemic species in Mexico that is not endangered is the Flammulated Flycatcher; their range is large and their population is abundant. The Flycatchers breed around June each year, nesting in shallow tree cavities close to the ground. Our helpful guides and travel tips will give you the information you need to make your travel plans a breeze.

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